Looking for layout suggestions

Which layout is right for me?

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Re: Looking for layout suggestions

Post by lilstone87 » December 31st, 2018, 1:20 am

I appreciate you guys commenting everything you have. I know without my own personal stats on how i throw the ball. It's asking you all to play darts blindfonded.

My plan this coming week when league starts back up. To talk with my PSO. I plan to throw a dual layout at him, and likely mention the Rip'd Pearl. Tell him what i want, and see what he says. I'm hoping he takes interest, and tell's me what he thinks. I wouldn't get mad if he suggest a different ball, and layout. Because he does know me the best.

I hope he doesn't cut me short, because i will mention to him. I want him to help me get my stats as a bowler, i don't mind if i have to wait for another day to get the info, if he doesn't have the time when we talk.

However if he sounds disinterested off the start. I will just leave it be, and likely look around at another nearby alley for another PSO.

Because i'm at the point as a bowler, i want to know my bowler specs. So i can learn more about layouts, and what might fit me best long term. That's obviously with you all's help. My plan is to learn myself, and become a better bowler long term.

With all that said, i don't want to keep dumping money in newer balls, and not like them. Over the past two years alone. I have 3-4 balls, i hardly used after being drilled, and now collect dust for me. I honestly HATE it. Because i spent a good amount on the balls. I will take blame on some of it. But i feel the PSO failed me a bit as well. Because he didn't talk me away from a couple of the balls. Which he knew before i got them, and i told him what i wanted out of the ball's motion.

If this thread goes silent after the next few days, things likely didn't go well with my PSO, and i'm at the point of finding another PSO, or digging into finding my bowling specs myself. As of now, i would rather a local PSO help me find my specs. As they have done this for a long time, and likely be able to get all the specs rather quickly.

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Re: Looking for layout suggestions

Post by 44boyd » December 31st, 2018, 2:29 am

Call him and set up an appointment. If you’re trying to do that before league he might not have time to think with people coming in trying to get their balls polished etc..That way he can give you what you’re looking for (hopefully). As far as the other balls, play with the surface because layouts just tune that ball’s characteristic. A layout is only useless if you’re hitting holes as you roll it. And plug and redrill could be options too if you want to setup an arsenal.

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Re: Looking for layout suggestions

Post by TonyPR » December 31st, 2018, 3:20 am

Great idea, after getting your PAP and specs find out how your other balls are laid out, maybe we can fix the reactions by plugging and redrilling plus surface changes. About talking you out of balls... well, the Rip’D pearl is a great ball to swing inside to out :D

For reference:

http://wiki.bowlingchat.net/wiki/index. ... House_Shot" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: Looking for layout suggestions

Post by DarkHorse » December 31st, 2018, 4:13 am

lilstone87 wrote:...As of now, i would rather a local PSO help me find my specs. As they have done this for a long time, and likely be able to get all the specs rather quickly.
I'll go ahead and warn you - he may have no clue what you're talking about, and say it doesn't matter. Less than half of the Pro Shop guys I've met in my area even use a PAP for layouts, and I've never seen anyone measure axis tilt. Two of the most popular/successful guys over the past few years had their shops in strip malls with no lanes within 5 miles.

So let us help you a little more:

Where are you located?
Perhaps someone here can give you a recommendation.
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