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 Post subject: Let's keep discussing no thumb layouts
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Hello guys, I drilled a Brunswick Soul about a month ago using Mo's no thumb instructions, I used a 5" pin to PAP and set the VAL angle to around 60* to have the pin above the fingers. Lady ovals 3.5" deep and no balance hole. Ball came out very controllable, surface is at 500/2000, on 38-40 THS it goes long and has a smooth continuous backend, if I were to play 4 games I would start at 20-22 with my feet and end around 28-30 by game 4 with about 8-10 at the pattern exit, typical lines for me. Tried it on a stockholm that had about 3-4 of 1 player practice on them and could strike fairly well from around 10 at the arrows to 3-5 at the pattern exit, more surface maybe could have worked a bit better.

When laying out balls with this technique Mo states that pin to pap distance is the most important thing. Besides this, on symmetric cores we can also control the VAL angle, I guess the closer to the fingers the more arcing (larger VAL) vs the farther away the more jumpy (lower VAL). Also without a third hole I also suspect that pin down is probably no good because the track could hit the MF, especially with my low tilt.

Anyone have more experience with these layouts?

I am planning to build a sport arsenal to start to get my feet wet on sport patterns, will most likely play in a sport league next year so I have plenty of time to practice and better my game. Eric and Mega already recommended some balls, was looking at the Ridiculous Assym (not in the recommendations) which is on sale at Buddies for $69.95 right now, with this ball being an assym I probably have more layout options than with a symmetric because the PSA is marked, correct? Mega, will this ball work similar to the Guru Limited you recommended? Maybe go low flare layout with a 4" ghost span?

So guys, please discuss what you know about no thumb sport layouts, with or without balance holes, symmetric and asymmetric.

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