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 Post subject: PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR -- 06-24-2017 "GOOD LUCK WITH THAT"
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It's the latest episode of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR, and on today's show, the kids face the most challenging scoring environment yet. One could argue that today's condition is even tougher than a classic flat pattern.

The Kegel machine simply said "2016 Junior Gold" for the name of the pattern. It didn't say WHICH Junior Gold oil pattern it was. We think it was one of the short oil patterns, judging from how early the balls were hooking. But on the same pair of lanes where we recorded the show, not only had there been multiple games of qualifying, but before the PRODIGY competition even began, we held our Junior Bowling Summer Spare Clinic on these lanes, too. So while the ball would hook early, the back ends had a ton of carry-down from all the pastic and urethane balls that were used by all the kids during the spare clinic. It was almost like bowling on the sidewalk. The ball would hook immediately, and then flatten out on the latter half of the lane. Not at all the ideal scoring condition, and these kids were completely flummoxed from the git-go.

Plus, we had a most unusual occurrence on this show that was unprecedented in PRODIGY history, and to the best of my knowledge, has never happened on any bowling telecast at any level, ever.

It's a wild ride on this week's PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR.

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