Notice: For any users using to host pictures

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Notice: For any users using to host pictures

Post by bowl1820 »

Notice: For any those using to host pictures,they have posted this notice.

postimg.ORG domain is locked by Registry, no prior notice.
While we hope to resolve the issue, we chose postimg.CC as our new home.
Please update codes embedded in your websites.

Your pictures are still there, but any pics links you posted you have to change the .org in the link to .cc to get them to show again.


Change this:

to this:

I don't know if this will change back or not, if you don't have a lot of pics posted its not a big deal, but like me theres a lot so finding and updating all the links will be hard. I'm not sure if I'll do them all.
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Re: Notice: For any users using to host pictur

Post by kajmk »

Worth that greenie !

Always helpful!
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